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20' x 30' Island Exhibit Display Rental

This is 20' x 30 Island. Structure and graphics designed and produced by CDS Displays.

  • Details

    This island exhibit features a 10' x 12' room usable as a conference room and/or storage, double-sided fabric header graphic, direct print PVC header graphic panels, acrylic with vinyl logo, large storage counter, monitor mount, and 3 small product counters with locking storage. Room walls can be upgraded to direct print PVC or full fabric graphic murals. Components are scalable to fit any size booth space. Available for purchase or rental.

  • Design

    Can be completely modified and customized to your needs.

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General Information

20' x 30' Matrix Frame Exhibit Display

Light weight, fitting in a Exhibit package or flight case

Low transport costs

Power LED Modules

Bright and even lighting

No heat radiation


Easy to change the graphic banner

Single or double-sided

Size / Measurements

20' x 30'

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