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Trade Show Cost Savings Worksheets

CDS Displays specializes in designing and building trade show displays and exhibits that are specifically engineered to help save you money on your trade show related expenses.

By simply reducing the size, weight and number of crates that you ship to your next trade show you can save thousands of dollars at each event that you need to send an exhibit.

The following images are links to some of our cost savings worksheets, general explanations and overviews into how these expenses work. For more information and additional assistance to help calculate and reduce your trade show related expenses. Please call Corporate Display Specialties (CDS) at 800-367-2531.

We hope you find these tools useful and allow us to help you cut the costs associated with your trade shows and events.

Click on images below to launch printable PDF of each.

Shipping Cost Savings Drayage Cost Savings Trade Show Labor Cost Savings Example Worksheet

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