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Abex Modular 600 Series Displays

Abex Modular 600 Series Displays

The Abex 600 pre-connected fabric panels combine maximum durability with 360 degree panel movement to let you create unique custom shapes that set up quickly and easily. Whether you create an island display or a 10 foot exhibit, the Abex 600 will reinforce your marketing message with accessories such as lightboxes, backlit headers and display cases.

  • Details

    The Abex 600 can easily be reconfigurable and features eco-friendly finishes protected by warranty.

  • Design

    Attached panels with steel hinges allow for quick and easy assembly and tear-down. Panels can rotate 360 degrees.

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General Information

Abex Modular 600 Series Displays

Size / Measurements

Varies by design

Available Options

Many options to choose from including alcoves, pedestals, counters, headers, bridges, diffusers, lightboxes, slatwall and inlays.
The Abex 600 also offers a wide selection of fabrics to choose from.