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LEDskin Display

LEDskin™ takes event, exhibit and face-to-face marketing presentations to the next level of innovation by combining modular frame systems and LED technology … seamlessly. This creative, new approach incorporates The beMatrix System’s easy, fast and Tooless™ assembly with a highly impactful and fully integrated programmable LED tile. The result is a sleek, flexible and reusable building solution without the complexity or expense of current LED wall construction.

  • Details

    beMatrix® engineers began by designing the LED tile casing to 496mm L x 496mm W x 62mm D, incorporating the exact depth of a b62® beMatrix® frame. Once placed together in a wall, the LEDskin™ tiles automatically align by casing magnets that ensure perfect positioning. Our engineers then designed the tile casing to accept beMatrix® System connectors for an easy and Tooless™ integration of b62® Frame to LEDskin™ tile.

  • Design

    For additional branding opportunities, the LEDskin™ case design provides both SEG fabric and hard panel infill options on the rear.

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beMatrix LEDskin Exhibit

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