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Expand MediaWall XL

With its impressive size, the Expand MediaWall XL makes you stand tall among the rest. It is both taller and wider than traditional pop-up walls. Despite its size, it can be set up by one person within minutes.

  • Details

    The whole display breaks down into the Expand PodiumCase - a transport case on wheels that can be converted into a counter for presentations or product samplings.

  • Design

    Expand MediaWall XL is designed to be easy and fast to set up wherever you choose.

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General Information

Can be set up by one person

Transport it in our combined transport case/counter

High visual impact - larger than traditional pop up walls

Design Details

Height: 103 15/16" (264 cm) Width: 153 9/16" or 181 1/8" (390 or 460 cm)

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