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Pop Up Magnetic

Straight or Curved image wall!

  • Details

    Today the Pop Up Magnetic is seen as a standard for large image walls at events and presentations. Few loose parts in combination with an easy and solid construction, gives you great attention. When adding a Screen Holder to your Pop Up Magnetic, you will be able to show moving pictures at events, exhibitions and meetings.

  • Design

    Fully customizable

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General Information

Expolinc Pop Up Magnetic

Size / Measurements

Pop Up Magnetic Curved
No. of squares2x33x34x3
Width (mm)191525353065
Depth (mm)510710970
Weight, package (kg) Basic/Travel/Premium-/-/22,59,6/17,0/23,711,5/19,0/25,2
Height (mm)222422242224
Pop Up Magnetic Straight
No. of squares3x34x3
Width (mm)27493482
Depth (mm)322322
Weight, package (kg) Basic/Travel/Premium9,6/17,0/23,711,5/19,0/25,2
Height (mm)22242224

Available Options

Completely customizable