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Roll Up Compact Display

Compact with adjustable image height!

  • Details

    Roll Up Compact is a compact and simple to use Roll Up. The rounded corners and sides makes it easy to handle. The adjustable telescopic supporting rod gives not only the possibility to adjust the image height, but also an advantage when it comes to putting the system in place. It's easy to mount the image without having to gain access inside the system.

  • Design

    Fully customizable

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General Information

Expolinc Roll Up (Professional)

Size / Measurements

Measurements in bag (mm)

Measurements unfolded (mm)
Depth (with unfolded foot)322
Widht base870/1020
Image width850/1000
Visable image height1605/2230
Weight in bag (kg)3,4/3,7

Available Options

Completely customizable