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Booth Buddy Display System

Booth Buddy takes tradeshow backdrops to a whole new level of convenience and efficiency. No more shipping hardware in large, bulky cases. No more charges for “set-up”. No more waiting for stored cases. Just open your briefcase, unfold and hang your big, beautiful, fabric Booth Buddy on the show provided poles… you’re up and out in just minutes.

  • Details

    You can roll it, fold it, and even send it to the dry cleaners if dirty.

  • Design

    Your Booth Buddy is a seamless digital image dye sublimated into the fibers of specially treated fabric. Your Booth Buddy is resistant to water, fire, and wrinkles.

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General Information

Laarhoven Booth Buddy Display

Size / Measurements

Available in 8 foot and 10 foot models.

Available Options

Lights, Graphics and Shipping Cases