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Mark Bric EGO Tower Unit T7

Mark Bric EGO display and exhibit provides various standard units( Receptions, towers, backwalls, stands, etc), or in component form for full customisation and design. EGO Towers make you a real impression at the show - to be different and to stand out from the other exhibitors.

  • Details

    Mark Bric EGO Tower unit T7.

  • Design

    Tower unit T7 features 4 panel designs.

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General Information

Mark Bric EGO Tower unit T7

Size / Measurements

Height: 230cm(90") 340cm(134") 450cm(178")

Available Options

For all freestanding towers with heights over 340 cm and/or with features such as LCD, shelving etc. attached, we recommend the use of a weight (ballast) at the bottom.