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Bematrix 20' x 20' Exhibit KorePower

Arching canopies add architectural interest over the semi-private meeting room and tall bridge accent. This design supports 2 monitors and 3 counter units. Also includes custom product stand, LED lighting accents, and furniture. Etched printed, frosted acrylic panels and SEG fabric graphics provide a crisp profesional look.

  • Details

    This 20' x 20' BeMatrix Exhibit is reconfigurable to be utilized within both in-line & larger island spaces. Avialable for purchase or rental.

  • Design

    1-large tower with arch accent, 2 counters & monitor support. 1-product pedestal, 1-reception counter, 1 approx 10' x 8' meeting room with locking door. Several finishing options available.

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General Information

BeMatrix 20' x 20' Island

Size / Measurements

Height: (15') - Width: (varies) - Depth: (varied) - Total Weight: approx 2,000 lbs

Available Options

Many options avialable